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Greetings MBN Leaders, Colleagues & Friends

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    Mark Anthony
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    Christina Hardy
    Marketing Manager
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    Jane Bennett

I hope this message reaches each of you doing well and this day has brought you productivity and success thus far.

As a new member to MBN you all continue to inspire me with every encounter. So, today I would like you to take a moment and learn about the upcoming Ruby Red Travel event “Leaders & Legacy Builders-Punta Cana”. This relaunch of our brand has been designed with learning, networking, Paying-It-Forward and of course our specialty “Travel Fun” all on the beautiful Island of Dominican Republic.

The Leaders & Legacy Builders concept is based around life’s milestones and changing the narrative on how we think about legacy. Most think legacy will only begin after our existence on this earth but that simply is not factual. For every day that we take a breath we have the opportunity to be the leaders of our legacy and lay the foundation for that which is to come during and after us. So, during this event we have dynamic leadership & legacy presenters along with examples of those who have taken on their legacies with purpose-filled intent.

Now, this is where we need your support. We are hoping to pay-it-forward with proceeds from sponsorships, contributions and our golf clinic event. This year’s non-profit organization is TSI Care INC whom priority is equality for children and veterans. So, please take a look at the attached sponsorship details and consider joining us on the legacy mission with purpose.

Thank you again for the invested time it took to read this message. I also thank you in advance for any contributions you decide to make. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.